VOGUEish: A Grumpy Billionaire, Hot Romantic Comedy (Naked Runway)

Cover of Vogueish by Lisa Wells

Bro codes, billionaires, and a bathroom fairy godmother—hold on to your tiaras!

Nine years ago, Isabella P. Chance met her Fairy Godmother in a bathroom during her disastrous high school prom. She was promised an epic comeback for her ten-year reunion. Fast forward nine and a half years, and her Fairy Godmother returns to fulfill that promise—with a billionaire-sized caveat.

Enter Chandler Roman, the Grinch of Manhattan. He’s been hired to clean house at Naked Runway, and Isabella’s position is on the chopping block. Not coincidentally, he’s the godson of her Fairy Godmother, who has decided it’s time to call in an ancient favor.

The Favor: Chandler is forbidden from firing Isabella and must find her a billionaire fiancé to flaunt at her high school reunion. Piece of cake for a professional fixer, right? He makes her his personal assistant and sets her up with his perfect-in-every-way best friend. But then, something unthinkable happens: Chandler wants Isabella for himself.

Is the notorious fixer of Manhattan willing to break the ultimate bro code for the one fix he can’t seem to make—his own heart?

Vogueish is the grumpy billionaire standalone book in the Naked Runway hot romantic comedy series. If you like flawed fashionistas and flirty fun, then you’ll love Lisa Wells’ laugh-out-loud romances.

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Fairy Godmother, i want one

I want a fairy godmother after reading this story. It had it all, romance and fun times. This was a good book. I am becoming more of fan of Lisa Wells every book. Get it today. Hoping to find my fairy godmother soon!!

Amazon Reviewer – D. Rivera

Modern Rom-Com Retelling of Cinderella Story in Manhattan Fashion Worl – So Fun!

Isabella was a bit of a modern Cinderella although she was much stronger, talented and knew exactly where she wanted to be and what she wanted to be doing although she didn’t mind a bit of “Fairy Godmother assistance”. And Chandler wasn’t exactly a prince helping his fairy godmother “Nonna”by doing her bidding, but somehow their paths kept crossing, and the sparks kept flying. The book was well written, background characters hysterical, the dialog was witty and flowed, the plot was very clever and there was plenty of heat. It was so much fun to read I could not put it down and read it in one day! And it looks like there are more coming in the series – Yay!

I was sent an ARC by the author and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Lisa B–avid reader

A brilliant contemporary fairytale!

Well I must say, bravo Ms. Wells. Absolutely adored this book. Readers please suspend your disbelief and dive into this contemporary fairytale with toe curling spice and a satisfying HEA. I admit at first I had trouble doing that, decided I was approaching this read all wrong and cleared my head, sat back and enjoyed I absolutely loved the main characters, whose angst was for good reasons and completely understandable, not beleaguered and beaten to death. There were also laugh out loud moments (yes multiple). I loved this story so much!

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to read an advanced copy for my honest to goodness opinion. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

Book Sirens Reviewer – JanisG

A wonderful rom-com

This is a wonderful rom-com with very likable characters. Isabella is bullied and humiliated at her prom and in her distraught haste she runs smack dab into a gentleman, she asks for restroom directions and runs to it, there she meets a member of the Fairy Godmother Association. Fast forward 10 years and the story really begins. I loved it and I’m sure you will too, so I recommend.

Amazon Reviewer – Aleksandra

Naked Runway #1

Isabella P. Chance has been working on herself for the last 10 years to make her better than ever so her comeback from everything that happened in high school would be all that and more. On that fateful night, Isabella was mocked and bullied and turned into a laughing stock. While running away from everything she ran into, literally, a mystery man (Pillar) who helped her and introduced her to her fairy godmother and helper her turn her life around. Now, 10 years later. She, maybe not quite coincidently, is reunited with Pillar, named Chandler, and comes to find out, her life isn’t all roses….yet.

I loved seeing the strong, confident woman that Isabella had become and seeing her struggles with insecurity that all of us face. And Chandler… swoon, and his soft spot for help. Adorable together. I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily providing my review.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Angela

Steamy and Entertaining

I love the idea behind a group of women who band together to empower, lift up and support other women. Isabella was tormented and terrorized by the kids in her school. Fast forward almost 10 years later, Isabella is starting her new job, ready to go to her 10 year reunion to show those mean girls she’s not a loser anymore. Unfortunately things start going wrong on day one of her job. I loved Isabella and Chandler’s story, it’s funny, steamy, gets you in the feels, honestly everything you’d want in a rom com. Isabella is so quirky and loveable and completely relatable. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Amazon Reviewer – Crazy Book Lover

Insightful and interesting

I liked this book a lot, not just for being a well written romantic comedy, but for having – besides a fun story, a lively dialogue and endearing characters – a shrewd insight into the damaging results of bullying.

Sometimes the target gets over it, grows and matures; other times, the target becomes a victim, indelibly marked. And sometimes, the aggressor repents or the victim gets its revenge. In any case, I’m glad when the targets get to stand up for themselves and stop giving mean, petty people the power to hurt them.

Lisa Wells is definitely staying on my Favorite Authors list!

Amazon Reviewer – Lilik

A great office romance

I loved this book! I like the fairy godmothers and fathers, I love the characters and the plot. From the start the book pulled me in and I simply could not put it down. I love the idea of a comeback moment but Isabella’s wasn’t how I imagined it. Put there is a happy ending so I really liked that. All in all, a lovely story once again from Lisa Wells. I wouldn’t mind reading more books from this series

Book Sirens Reviewer – All and Any Books

If only fairy godmothers were real

Lisa Wells does rom coms in the best way possible. Her characters are always likable and their quirkiness is relatable. At least for me. This book is no different.

Technically this is NOT a fairy tale, retelling but I personally equate it to a more modern, basic, Cinderella type story. Isabella is bullied and humiliated at her prom and in her distraught haste, runs smack dab into a gentleman. She asks for restroom directions and runs to it. The gentleman is concerned about her and has his female friend look in on her. Low and behold, said friend happens to be with the…get this….Fairy Godmother Association. Geez, I wish that was a real organization. I sure could use one myself.

In a blink it’s almost 10 years later and the fun really starts. Now I’m not spilling the beans about the rest of the book. You need to read for yourself, it’s well worth it. You’ll be highly entertained and you may even have tear inducing laughter as I did. Not to mention steam and a sweet HEA.

Don’t let this one pass you by. The only con I have for this (it’s a small one), is that it was too on the nose who Her Night in Shining Armani (Yes, I know I didn’t use a k and yes that’s a shout out to another fantastic rom com by Lisa Wells.) would be.

Go one click…what are you waiting for…shoo

Amazon Reviewer – Kristin Childs

A super cute romcom

Vogueish is all these things – Adorable. Fun. Entertaining. Magical.

I am so thrilled I stumbled upon it on BookSirens, it was a complete fluke. I certainly have no shortage of books to read but something made me browse it completely randomly and what a gem I found.

Isabella was bullied in high school all the way up to a dreadful prom experience. That night she met a prince charming of sorts who connected her with a pseudo fairy Godmother.

Together, Isabella and her Fairy Godmother, plan her great comeback for 10 years into the future at her high school reunion.

10 years later, Isabella has her plan all lined up until she meets Chandler. A super grump, Chandler makes working with him difficult.

This was a light fun read, full of fashion, witty banter, swoony moments and a fantastic grand gesture.

Book Sirens – Suzan Z

Read between the lines

OK, on the surface of this book as the author states is a little bit mean girls Devil wears Prada and I’m going to marry a billionaire. It’s a happy ever after feel good story. Until the next day, when your brain actually starts to process all the underlayers, that this wonderful writer has created . if you can help just one person through unconditional love and make their dreams come true then you have become a fairy godmother. I myself was an art teacher for 37 years I have many godchildren . You don’t need unlimited wealth. Love patience humor guidance and yes unconditional guaranteed I’ll be there for you. I totally recommend reading this story. It will touch your heart and soul, and make you believe in magic. Lisa

Amazon Reviewer

Lisa Wells Delivers Again

This book has it all. It’s funny, sweet, sexy, and yes even a bit sappy. That just makes it all the more wonderful.

Amazon Reviewer – Karen H.