The Bewitched Life of Molly Thorn: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

Cover of The Bewitched Life of Molly Thorn by Lisa Wells


◆◆Spoiler Alert. This is book three in a series that needs to be read in order. Start with: THE UNDEAD LIFE OF MOLLY THORN. This blurb will give away plot twists from book two.◆◆
Molly Thorn used to be the assistant to the hunky Mr. “X”, Grim Reaper of the Magicals. And his heart had belonged to her. Then sh✓t happened!
Now her world is careening on broken stilettos into avenues the other Magical residents of Mayhem and Harmony want nothing to do with. In fact, they are fighting her wand and spell to keep her plan from succeeding. But Molly isn’t one to back down when it comes to fixing a soul-wrenching wrong. Not even when righting it might cost her any chance of reuniting with Mr. “X”. Of course he might not want her back since she foolishly said…ummmm…no thank you to his previous sexy-time-forever offer.
As if that weren’t bad enough, middle age’s so called silver lining had turned out to be just a bunch of stale Hostess Ding Dongs!

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More Molly!

Loved the 3 book series! Even though you are sure there will be a happy ending…I can’t figure out how it will exactly happen and I love that!!! So much fun to have so many stories about Mayhem and Harmony intertwine. Read ALL of Lisa Wells books. You won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Reviewer – Annette Schippel

Good read

I really enjoyed this series. Even though the ending was confusing. No spoilers I promise just finished this book and I am processing but still feel like the ending was jumbled and didn’t end the way it seemed it should. Feels like the ending was more complicated than it should be and didn’t make sense.

Kindle Customer – Nissa B