Rocky Mountain High-Jinx: Full-length, grumpy/sunshine small-town romance with laugh-out-loud sexy goodness. (Rocky Mountain Springs) 

Cover of Rocky Mountain High-Jinx by Lisa Wells

Goat yoga guru(ish) Luna Parker longs to punch her grumpy neighbor, Mitch Johnson, in the nose.

Not that she would. The law frowns upon that when you’re on probation and an ex-felon. Not to mention Karma has been all up in her business ever since she took refuge in the cranky small town of Rocky Mountain Springs. To be fair, the town isn’t cranky with everyone…just her. It seems the residents are all disgustingly loyal to their local pot guy. Get on his bad side, and you’re shunned. And considering she no longer has buckets of money to instantly attract friends, she’s having to make them the old-fashioned way…one Namaste at a time.

Who knew moving to a town with a dispensary would be so full of lows.

Dispensary owner Mitch Johnson had a rotten childhood. As soon as he was free of that life, he carefully crafted a plan that would mean never being homeless again. One checked box away from nailing it, Bad-Luck-Sexy-as-F<>k Luna blew into town and blew up his blueprint. He’s investigated all options for repairing the laminated document, and the results are in. If she stays, he can’t tick off that final box. One of them must leave.

Lucky for him, no one in Rocky Mountain Springs wants it to be their pot guy. Too bad for him, his libido wants her to stay.

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Funny AF

I love this author, her style is funny, quirky and romantic!! The characters are warm, friendly and as opposite as can be, but that’s what makes this story so wonderful! Lisa Wells is one of my go to writers especially if I need a laugh or five!!

Amazon Reviewer – Liz

Fun witty romance

Embarrassed Luna Parker has left Manhattan, a wealthy lifestyle and overbearing parents who crossed an unforgivable line for small town Colorado and Goat Yoga! Mitch Johnson, raised in poverty by an unstable Mother, owner of a thriving dispensary only wants a home of his own. After she beats him at auction and becomes his neighbor sparks fly. Will the sparks of attraction or annoyance win??

Mitch is loved by the town and has friends on his side, but Luna’s authenticity is infectious.

Enter the conniving Mayor, a wealthy ex fiancé and her domineering Father and the whole town could take a turn… for the worse.

Fun, witty, entertaining story. Can the good guys win, will a love match happen or will money bend the rules?

I received a complimentary copy of the book, all opinions in this review are my own.


Goats and Weed

I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading that our leading lady, Luna, wanted to punch our leading man, Mitch, in the face. But, what soon followed was a story of secrets, friendship, love, and community all culminating in some intense blow ups and make ups.

Amazon Reviewer

Loved it!

Love it! What a sweet book about being your genuine self and remembering real friendships are the most important thing we can find in life. As well as a hot guy who turns out to be your best friend.

Amazon Reviewer – J Feeney

Goat yoga and small town drama

Such a fun read! I absolutely love both Luna and Mitch. Their characters were well developed and their back stories made sense for the plot. Their love story unfolded organically and the book had just the right amount of conflict to make it believable.

Luna and her goats were so funny and I loved the relationship between Mitch and Ms. Houdini as well.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Carly Zuno

Grumpy / Sunshine, Small Town, Complete Opposites in Every Way – So Funny and So Much Fun!

This book was so much I don’t know where to begin. Mitch was super serious and stodgy to maintain his dispensary license and to overcome his childhood. Enter free-spirited Luna with her dressed up mini-goats, yoga, heart of gold and hidden past and craziness and major chemistry ensue. The dialog and banter was witty, and the background characters and townspeople were funny and well developed. An engaging read from start to finish that I could not put down – looking forward to more from this author.

I received an ARC of this book from the author and I am voluntarily leaving this honest review.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Lisa B

Friendship contract + goats = gr8 time

Luna and Mitch meet at an auction, where Luna outbids Mitch for his dream home and inevitably makes the town turn on Luna. Circumstances lead them to befriend each other and sign a “friendship contract”, which they may or may not come to regret.

This small-town enemies-to-lovers story is full of drama and wholesome moments. Luna’s goats / personality and Mitch’s rules make it difficult not to like both of them.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Yesenia Trujillo

Laugh out loud funny!!

This is a delightful, laugh out loud rom-com that shouldn’t be overlooked. While it does have darker undertones, both characters come out the other side, I think, stronger for it. They are both wonderful on their own but together, they are complete.

The plot is enticing and keeps you turning the pages. The hilarity will have tears of laughter coming out of your eyes. At least it did for me. Plus you’ll be rooting for them the whole time.

No matter which genre Lisa Wells writes, they are all fantastic, one click worthy and worth the time spent reading them. So go… now… click. You’ll be glad you did.

Amazon Reviewer – Kristin Childs

Luna & Mitch

Luna Parker moved to tiny Rocky Mountain Springs to start her life over. New location, New name, New person. She has a pretty big secret, but no one needs to know in her new town. Unfortunately, it has been hard to be liked for Luna ever since she purchased the land and house from her neighbor Mitch. To say Mitch was not happy was an understatement and he let that slip to the town. Since Mitch owns the town’s dispensery, they immediately took his side and snubbed Luna.

Luna is such a fun character. I love that she is trying so hard to be a new and improved self who cares. And the way she befriends Mitch was awesome. They are adorable together. I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily providing my review.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Angela

Delightful and entertaining

Delightful and entertaining romantic comedy with quirky characters you want to know more about and a great story that kept me glued to the book from the first word to the last. I loved the undeniable attraction and off the charts chemistry between goat yoga guru Luna Parker and dispensary owner Mitch Johnson. If you enjoy laugh out loud, can’t put down romances don’t miss Rocky Mountain High Jinx. I received an advance reader copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving my review.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Pamela R Mitchell

The rule follower meets chaos

What I loved about this book is that, despite the writing being amusing in the delivery, there are some very deep thoughts lying underneath. It makes you really ponder on family loyalty, love and true kindness. They say hell is paved with good intentions, and it ‘s true that often parents think that what they want is what will make their kids happy without asking the children themselves what they want, and that can get really messy. So fragile, this balance between an authority taken to the extreme (which translates as selfish arrogance) and outright carelessness – and happiness lies on it.

Our MC’s parents are at these two opposite extremes, and their upbringing has scarred them deeply, scars which can be as deep coming from love as from neglect. She could have became a selfish shrew, like Brandy, and he could have become a mobster.

Despite this, they both are so intrinsically good that they become better humans, and getting to know how they become the best version of themselves is a delightful journey – amusing, emotional, fresh and original. That scene with the friendship ceremony really did me in!

And the choosing of “kindness” in the community as a marketing tool and also it being true? Brilliant! Like this definition of true kindness and love: “But part of loving someone is sometimes fixing something you didn’t break. This time I’m the glue that puts us back together. The next time— and we both know there will be next times —you can be the one who glues us back together.”

The writing is very good, the plot keeps you invested fully, the dialogue is inspired and the ending left me smiling and my heart full.

Lisa Wells is definitely going on my favorite author list!

I received an advance review copy for free from BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Book Sirens Reviewer – Lilik

Rocky Mountain high

Very engaging book. I laughed from the start to the finish. It was just what I needed.

Kindle Customer

Great yoga and stoner neighbor

Story is funny, neighbors who don’t get along all for a misunderstanding and secrets that stay hidden longer than they should.

Amazon Reviewer – MelTaf

High on the two main characters

Lisa has written another fun book that is hard to put down! This is my fourth book and I don’t know how she does it but she keeps that characters fresh. No two are alike and the plot twists are different every time. I like that she writes complicated characters both male and female. This was hard to put down so I didn’t!

Amazon Reviewer – Annette Schippel