You know what they say about Prince Charming—he’s all charisma and arrogance until he falls head over heels right into the arms of his sworn arch-nemesis.

Psychologist Dr. Lux Stone is book brilliant, men clueless. Due to a massive glitch in a dating app’s data collection, she’s got the ego-bruising statistics to prove it. Unfortunately, when she vents by criticizing the advice given in a popular column on dating, it goes viral. Her boss demands she prove the author’s advice is faulty or lose her dream job.

Scott Landshire, a prince by birth and a rake by design, has ditched the uptight shackles of royal life to become a Relationship Columnist at the fashion magazine, Naked Runway. When an opinionated psychologist questions his credibility—and his dude card—he’s forced to prove her wrong or say goodbye to his platform, his visa, and his dignity.

Can this unlikely duo find love, or will their epic public battles crush their careers and hearts?Get your copy of RAKEish now and embark on a delightfully chaotic enemies-to-lovers rollercoaster! 

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