Privacy Policy

March 2024

Our Promise to You: A Love Letter to Your Privacy

Dear Lisa Wells Author Family (because, let’s face it, once you’ve visited us, you’re part of the quirky, loving family we never knew we needed),

In the grand romantic comedy that is life, your privacy is the leading love interest, and we’re here, not with a boombox over our head outside your window, but with a solemn promise to keep your secrets safe. Just like any classic love story, there are some ground rules to set the scene for our happily ever after.

The Meet-Cute: What We Collect

Personal Info: Like any good first date, we only ask for the basics – name, email, and if you’re feeling chatty, your life story (just kidding, your IP address will do).

Cookies and Browsing History: Every time you click during a visit, it’s like you left us a secret love note. We collect these darlings so we can reciprocate with a warm hug that awaits your return (i.e., customized content).

The Plot Thickens: How We Use Your Data

To Whisper Sweet Nothings (a.k.a. Send You Emails): We entrust Flodesk with our most precious messages—our newsletter. What do we consider precious? Only the good stuff, we promise. Special offers, the latest news, and maybe, if you’re lucky, a love letter or two.

Sidenote: Flodesk honors the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, ensuring your data is treated with the respect and protection it deserves as it journeys across the digital skies. In other words, Flodesk, like any good book boyfriend, uses a condom.

To Improve Our Dance Moves: Your feedback makes us better. We’re always looking to improve our two-step, whether that’s enhancing our website or tailoring our services.

The Grand Gesture: Sharing Your Data

Fear not, for your secrets are safe with us. We won’t share your personal details with third parties without your explicit say-so. Think of us as the best friend in every rom-com ever – loyal, dependable, and always there to help you get the guy (or in this case, maintain your privacy).

The Misunderstanding: Security

In every rom-com, there’s a moment of doubt, but let us clear things up. We protect your data like it’s the last piece of pizza – with passion, dedication, and a touch of ferocity. Our security measures are the digital equivalent of a love lock on a Parisian bridge – strong and unbreakable.

Happily Ever After: Your Rights

You have the right to review, edit, or delete your love letters to us (a.k.a. your personal data) at any time. Just give us a sign, and consider it done.

The Sequel: Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Like any good rom-com, there’s always room for a sequel. If we update our policy, we’ll let you know with all the fanfare of a grand airport chase scene – minus the running, and the airport.

The Credits Roll: Contact Us

If you’ve got questions, we’re all ears. Well, not literally – that would be weird. But we’re here to chat, just like those endless heart-to-hearts in every great love story.

With all our love (and legal compliance),

Lisa Wells Romance Author