It’s a Curse Thing: A Witchy Fun RomCom (Singles Town)

Cover of It's a Curse Thing by Lisa Wells

5 Stars – “Laughs galore, love in the air, crazy ghosts, and a diabolical mom add up to a great read! Welcome back to Knotty the only singles town in America. Seeing ghosts, talking houses, witches, and kooky old ladies make for a fun, quick read.”

It’s not forever. It’s not freaking forever.

What’s a witch to do when her magic’s been hacked and her tongue wickedly cursed! No matter how hard Eloise Redd concentrates on keeping her thoughts to herself, she blurts them. The only option is to lie low and wait for the hacker’s ransom note —and hope the demands aren’t too steep. In the meantime, she hides out in a haunted town as a palm reader. What could possibly go wrong reading palms?

Jeffrey Bales, Chief Operating Officer of Think Tank Innovations, is excellent at peopling. What he’s not good at is fending off a multitude of women convinced he’s their souls’ missing puzzle piece. This thanks to the town’s magical palm reader. A woman whose mouth should come with a hazard warning. He has no choice but to turn his charms on her to silence those wayward words. Just a tiny, fake relationship should work…

Unless it takes place under the roof of a bewitched house. One determined to bind them together eternally. That ransom demand can’t arrive soon enough.

What if this is forever?

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Fun, Fun, Fun!

How about a witch lawyer that can only say the truth? Ooops. That doesn’t work. Especially when the next thing that happens is all her knowledge of the law is wiped from her head. Ok, the witch becomes a palm reader telling people who their Puzzle Piece (true love) is. The big mystery is who put the curse on the witch and what kind of shenanigans can take place because of it. Let me tell you! Plenty! Between searching for who and why she was cursed, dealing with the ghosts and a possessed house in Single Town can be pretty hectic. Oh! Does she also have time for a romance with the wrong person who tries to get her banned from the town? Find out when you read this book. If you haven’t guessed yet the book is whimsical and action-filled. A serious fun read.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Amazon Reviewer – Xinthya

Loved it again

I really enjoy this town and it’s characters with charming and whitty and humorous stories that keep you invested and wishing for more of them. Lisa has me hooked on Knotty praying that she keeps regaling me with new tales. Can’t wait to read book 3 but it’s also bittersweet as it is the last so far, hopeful for more to come.

Amazon Reviewer – Yasmeen & Eric

Awesome read

Loved the Eloise and Jeff combo, seemed to go more in-depth on the witches and ghosties. Like Remington and Jason they too had a dynamic relationship. The two elder women are a hoot, Ruby Rae and Sarah Anne, are both funny and calling each other gossips. Especially the whole calling Eloise a tart, but in Ruby Rae’s book, meant nothing bad at all. Was completely in a good context. Can’t wait too read the next book.

Book Sirens – Erin M. Cooper

Very cute story!

Eloise the witch vs Jeff the non- believer. Add in a talking cat, Eloise’s dead dad and wicked witch mother, who is in jail for years, a town of super smart people and senior citizens and happiness happens. I enjoyed this book a lot!

Amazon Reviewer – Kathy Reader

great read

I loved reading this book. The characters had depth and were real and made the story happen. The plot was interesting.

Amazon Reviewer – Yenot Raccoon