How To Add Humor To Your Novel: Learn To Write Funny Scenes

Cover of How to Add Humor to Your Novel by Lisa Wells

“If you want to learn how to write humor, get this book!” – NY Times Bestselling Author Darynda Jones


Learning how to add humor to your stories isn’t a bumfuzzle science. After all, humor is a result of imagination, and we fiction authors are imaginative. Of course, mastering the skill of witty will require you to ever-so-slightly DEVELOP a sense of humor. You can’t stay unfunny and still write funny. That’s not how this works.

Once you’ve learned the nine things that cause laughter, and the dozen comedic tools best suited to create that kind of humor in your story, you’ll then learn how to translate your new knowledge onto the pages of your books. Plus, on those days your funny bone needs a little extra kick in the derrière, you’ll have oodles of examples of how I used the laugh-inducing tips and tricks in my own award-winning contemporary and paranormal romantic comedies.

Warning: This book may cause you to forever see the world through a haze of hilarity.

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Lisa Wells has figured out how to hack funny!

I’m not a funny person. I don’t think funny thoughts. I don’t write funny books. But as I read this I realized that Lisa Wells has figured out how to hack funny and make humor writing accessible to authors like me! Thank you Lisa!

Amazon Customer

This book is a miracle wrapped in a lifesaver sprinkled with magical fairy dust!

I write so few product reviews in life that I expect the interwebs to come to a screeching halt to mark this momentous occasion.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with my current work-in-progress… I write humorous science fiction and this book was just coming out too serious. Somehow Amazon knew that this was the book I needed when I searched, once again, for books on writing funny in a novel and believing I wasn’t gonna find something because I’d already read them all… But viola! I found this, and it has completely put the zim back in my zoom, the flair back in my…. well, flair! I completely see a path forward with my novels and my characters that will get them into the humorous place they need to be.

This book is completely actionable. There are immediately usable takeaways in every chapter. That’s the key and the best part.

I do not know Lisa Wells in real life, nor had I heard of her before I found this book. I mention this because sometimes we authors gather and talk amongst ourselves, but in this case nope… I read and write in a completely different genre, but I’m considering asking Lisa if she’ll be my new writing BFF. This book has helped me *that* much.

I could ramble but I’ll stop here. I have to go write my manifesto… I mean, write my character’s manifestos. (You’ll get it when you read the book!)

Amazon Reviewer

Useful Summary of Key Ideas

A very useful summary that sparks lots of new ideas!

One complaint. In the paperback book, the tables of text are so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to read the text!

Ray-Anne Lutener


This book rates 5 Stars gave a lot of concrete examples & listed many resources

Pete O’Rouke Amazon Reviewer

Great How-To Book

Having enjoyed Lisa Wells’ delightful paranormal novels, I looked forward to reading her how-to book. I wasn’t disappointed. I’d never realized there were actual steps that could be taken to help an author create amusing situations and dialogue. She makes the process of identifying and adding humor to writing seem easy and—natural. I even felt like I could write a funny scene—and I can’t even tell an effective joke. If you’re a writer, I’d add this to your books of craft.