Hexes and O’s: A Witchy Fun RomCom (Singles Town)

Cover of Hexes and O's by Lisa Wells

“Smart, sexy, and deliciously fun, this book is everything I love about the written word! It’s a masterful balance of humor and heart with a touch of mystery thrown in for good measure.” – NY Times Bestselling Author – Darynda Jones

Inherited…One haunted house; One witch’s manual; One mandatory ‘to do’ list.

Not Inherited…One hunky neighbor; One memory-challenged ghost; One set of town gossips.

When down-on-her-luck costume designer Remington Smith receives a surprise inheritance, she must return to the town she swore to forget. And complete a list of mandatory projects. And learn to cast magic spells. Magic spells? Too bad the hunky guy next door keeps getting in the way.

After a tornado ravages a small town, Jason Hart purchases ninety percent of the property to develop as a corporate training ground for Think Tank Innovations. But his first renovation crew quits. Then another. And another. They all say ghosts are running amok—and the whole town is hexed with an anti-love spell.

Except Jason doesn’t believe in ghosts or (anti) love spells. And given how drawn he is to his spunky new neighbor, that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.

While Remington works to complete her inherited to-do-list, avoid falling for her playboy neighbor, and learn how to cast spells that don’t backfire, she discovers a menacing mystery involving the orphanage where she grew up.

A mystery so unsettling Jason goes all boring-protector-dude and starts trying to shove her out of town and out of his life.

But Remington has never been good at taking orders.

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Cute, Sexy and Outlandish!

Love the town! Love the house! Love all the characters! And especially love the banter (etc.) between Remington (such a cute name for her) and the next door neighbor Jason. Wonderful beginning to a new series. Oh, and the cover is fantastic.

Claudia S. – Amazon Reviewer

Cozy and Erotic in one!!

I thought it was going to be another witchy mystery but it was all that and a steamy, sexy read with several very erotic episodes. Not a boring read by far. A drop dead gorgeous neighbor, a house left by her best friend, ghosts, gossiping old ladies, and murder..what more could a former orphan ask for? I wasn’t able to put this down.

Misha – Amazon Reviewer

Laugh out Loud😂😂😂

I absolutely loved this story. This author sure knows how to write a laugh out loud tale. Loved the characters in quirky book. Jason and Remington have a banter that I just couldn’t get enough of. The ghosts are phenomenal and the mischief they cause is worth the read. The twist in this story I just didn’t see coming. Couldn’t put this book down. Good thing I have already got the next book in the series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


Witches and Ghosts and Romance, Oh My!

Hexes and O’s by Lisa Wells had me laughing out loud throughout the charming read. Ghosts and witchcraft, a sizzling romance all combine to create quite the plot… but it is the main character, Remington Smith that steals the show from the beginning. Her normalcy, her insecurities and her zany sense of humor drive the story. She is definitely a woman worth knowing and as she begins her journey of self discovery, we…the lucky readers, get to see the real Remington emerge in the middle of chaos and laughs!

I felt that Hexes and O’s was a well written fun novel dealing with complex themes like friendship and rejection in lighthearted ways. I love the friendship between Remington and her best friend and how it is timeless and real. I can’t wait to read more about Remington and her life in this new crazy town full of mostly older people, and her hunky neighbor, Jason.

I received an advance digital review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


wonderful can’t wait for more



When I decided to read this book I was having a very bad day and was sure nothing was going to brighten it up but I was wrong because before I knew it I was laughing out loud and found myself overlooking the bad day I was having and enjoying a story that just kept me laughing.

Remington Smith has just lost her job, is facing eviction and her boyfriend has stolen her money and left. Now that is a bad day. Then a letter arrived that would change everything, a letter that brought both sadness and a sense of relief. Remington’s best friend Beth has died and left her furnished house and her insurance money to Remington with the stipulation that she return to Knotty, Missouri a place she swore she would never return to. Remington grew up in the orphanage in Knotty leaving her unadopted and feeling unloved. She also left a to-do list for Remington with strict orders not to fall in love with her hot neighbor Jason Hart.

Knotty had a tornado leaving 85 dead and only 20 still remaining in town. All the property was bought up and is being restored to a singles only hotspot. Everything is going well with the restoration so much so that there are so many businesses trying to sign up and there is no limit to the amount of singles that want to call Knotty their home. It was the first time Remington met Jason that I knew this book would be a lot of fun mixed in with ghosts, witches and a best friend with unfinished business coming to visit. Beth appears to Remington and informs her that she prayed that Remington would never be adopted and so she wasn’t. Beth is a witch and has hexed Jason to never fall in love the reason she warned Remington about falling for him.

Remington has to come to grips with the fact her best friend is a ghost with memory loss and that she is also a witch. If that was bad enough she is falling for the man she shouldn’t and was tricked into touching Beth’s witch book “Hexes and O’s”. What happens after that I won’t reveal.

The book not only has amazing main characters the secondary ones were a hoot. Beth predicts that someone will be murdered and it will be a Knotty resident that is the killer so Remington will have a murder to solve, will have to help the orphans living in the same orphanage she grew up in who like her appear to be unadoptable.

I loved this book, I as in me personally in spite of the fact that there were many unresolved issues which hopefully will be answered in the next book. I loved Remington who never learned how to keep her mouth shut, if she thought something it immediately flew out of her mouth. Secrets, surprises, a hexed town, a hexed neighbor, a haunted house, a possible murder and orphans unadoptable just some of what goes on in this book.

Linda Tonis – Member of Paranormal Romance Review Team