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There are some really great firsts going on in my life right now:  My first time to host a Book Bash Party via Facebook.  My first Book Blog Tour. My first time to run a half marathon with my daughter.

Do you remember any of your “firsts?” I remember my first boyfriend, his name was Jeff and I gave him a good punch for trying to kiss me. My first hand holding was with a different Jeff. We were on a field trip on a school bus. He sat in the seat behind mine, and we secretly held hands between the seats. Then there was my first love, Alan. He was everything you could ever want in a high school sweetheart. My first bad-boy experience ended with my eyes open and my heart achy.

And then there was the first man I married, David. I’m still married to him and plan on keeping it that way. He’s everything you read about in romance books and so much more. Gray’s Anatomy might have coined the phrase, Mr. McSteamy, but I married him. He makes my heart throb and inspires the sensual, sassy romances I love to write.

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