If you were to click on the history button on my tool bar, you’d see I visit the following sites on a regular basis.

Fashion – If you’re into fashion, this site will leave you panting. I often turn to it when I’m dressing my characters. fashion net - the guide to all things chic

Writing – The romance writing community is a wonderful place to call home.

Medium – Have you ever wondered about psychic readings but were afraid you’d end up with a fraud on the other end of the line? If so, let me point you towards the real thing. MarVeena Meek is a medium who lives in Texas. I know she’s the real thing - she’s my sister.

Games – When I’m stumped on a plot point, I turn to mindless games until the issue is resolved.

Jigzone puzzle

Web Designer – Don’t do it on your own, hire an expert. Rae Monet is a fabulous web designer. I whole heartedly recommend her if you’d like to build a web site which will dazzle your customers.           

Rae Monet Inc